Tandis Tejarat Zarin Arad Company

Tandis Tejarat Zarin Arad Company (private joint stock) was registered on 07/27/2013 in Razavi Khorasan province in Iran and its activity is in the field of producing light and heavy hydrocarbons with a production capacity of about 150 thousand tons per year in land The Ashtian industrial town has started in the area of 70,000 square meters in Arak province, Ashtian city. The main purpose of the establishment of this company is to prevent the sale of raw materials and the conversion of raw materials into finished products in order to promote exports to neighboring countries and the Middle East, in this regard, proper employment has been created and a significant share of the export market of our beloved country has been established.

Mini refinery production machines and equipment include 4 distillation towers with a monthly production capacity of 5,000 tons of light and heavy cuts, as well as one continuous tower with a monthly production capacity of 12,000 tons of various types of oil cuts, as well as side lines that carry out the sweetening and desulfurization process. Raw materials and products are made in that part, including 6 tanks of 5 thousand tons and side decanters.

Tandis Tejarat Zarin Arad Refinery

This project has been prepared based on the technical and general information of Tandis Tejarat Zarin Arad Refinery (Private Shares) located in New Farm Industrial Estate, about 23 kilometers from Ashtian City of Central Province, and the geographical coordinates of the refinery in question are as follows which is located in the vicinity of the main road from Ashtian to Tehran, and its distance from the north-south highway axis of Iran is 16 km, to the city of Arak, 80 km, and to the city of Tehran, 205 km. Also, this town is located at a distance of 7 km from the national railway, 63 km from the Arak railway station and 90 km from the Arak airport. In addition, the calculations and estimates made in the summer of the year 1422 are based on the average The time is mentioned. Also, the conditions of production, target market, raw materials, technical knowledge, as well as the laws and regulations of the country are also according to this time.